There are several WIFI routers available on the market today but to know about the best WIFI router is really a great challenge for the user. Google and apple the two-leading company throughout the world are also introduced their WIFI wireless router which is incredibly awesome. 

While haring about the products of apple and google is really an awesome experience. The products of these leading brand are really awesome. They introduced their Wi-Fi router are really awesome in design and it's been a great experience to use this. So, from this article, we will discuss these two best wireless router. We provide the best information to the user about these two wireless product Apple airport router support. 


This is all way a set of the router from Apple. For all those who are wondering what it is really an apple product, then I must say to them that yes it is. Apple has introduced a decent wireless router with advanced and secure features. The look of this router is really awesome and smart. The LED light used in it will make a significant design for it. This Wi-Fi router is very capable of connecting more device smartly and it is really performed well. This router is incredibly fast as compared to other routers. The amount of Wi-Fi stability and speed it provides is really awesome. This router has everything that a user needs. This router is easy to setup and easy to use.  

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Google Wi-Fi cover all the feature that the best Wi-Fi router needs. Google Wi-Fi an incredibly stable design that suits any environment. All the three-system available in google Wi-Fi are identical to each other. The Google Wi-Fi has a dual-band which supports IEEE standards. This 3 pack Wi-Fi system is comfortable for a large home. Google Wi-Fi allows the user to expand the unit by adding another google Wi-Fi unit.  

The antennas of Google Wi-Fi are less elegant in design. It has also come with two gigabytes ethernets port. It has a very advanced feature like voice control. You can use its voice control feature through Alexa and Google home voice commands. The performance of all google Wi-Fi bands is very impressive. The compact design of Google Wi-Fi can fit anywhere in the home.  

So, I hope this article will help lots of users to know about these two best Wi-Fi routers. If you want to know more about Wi-Fi routers then visit.